NFTs & Metaverse will fundamentally change the world we live in forever. We strongly believe that it's here to stay and we wish to be the premier project to deliver Metaverse avatar clothing and deliver the physical item in the real world on Cardano.

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Our membership NFT pass is built on the Cardano blockchain with a limited supply of 10,000 NFT passes. Our membership NFT pass grants you exclusive access to our VIP club within the metaverse, priority access to future NFT sets, priority access to Proof of Style’s limited, luxury sustainable and physical clothing range that is authenticated on the blockchain. These are also accompanied by their own metaverse NFT for your avatar.

Just Some Of The VIP NFT Ticket Benefits:
Priority Access To Our first NFT Drop
Private Community Chat
Priority Access To Physical Clothing Brand & Metaverse Clothing Drops
Priority Access To Exclusive NFT Drops
Regular Airdrops
Our virtual access To Metaverse Club
Big $100,000 BTC Airdrop To One Lucky Ticket Holder Once All Tickets Are Sold

Public mint is live!

Random NFT
*all earnings through royalties will be solely used for further development

Meet the Team

The CHEEKYVERSE was formed by Chris & Nick of Cheeky Crypto with the goal to create an NFT set that will continuously deliver value to its holders. 

Chris Regan

Chris is an entrepreneur with a track record of supporting business growth with his forward-thinking approach to business. Chris has a background in sales, project management & business development. Chris recently started the popular crypto based YouTube channel “Cheeky Crypto” with his brother Nicholas which covers blockchain technology and chart technical analysis daily which has seen phenomenal growth in just 12 months with over 110,000 subscribers to date.


Nicholas Regan

Nicholas is an entrepreneur and has been building businesses since he was 16 years old, and he has a background in business analytics & business development and has been involved in the crypto space since 2015. He recently started the popular crypto based YouTube channel “Cheeky Crypto” and with his insightful knowledge and insights and on-screen presentation of forward thinking blockchain technologies and chart technical analysis on a daily basis delivering the amazing growth in subscriber numbers to top 110,000 subscribers in just 1 year since launching the channel.


The CHEEKYVERSE NFT VIP CLUB is a long-term Project that has been designed to have years of utility to continuously deliver more value to our VIP Club NFT holders.

Q1 2022

Design Proof of Style clothing logo & branding
We felt that this would be a community driven project, so we involved our Discord members when designing the logo and branding to agree on something with meaning

Locate manufacturer for Proof of Style clothing brand
When creating a luxury clothing brand, it is so important that every detail is made to the highest quality. Therefore, we have located a manufacturer that we can visit locally and make sure everything is made to the right standards

Dev team start build for Proof of Style clothing authentication app
Counterfeit goods are a plague in the industry of luxury clothing so we felt that it was so important that our customers can authenticate their product using the blockchain and an easy-to-use app on their phone

Acquisition of land and buildings in the metaverse
Acquisition of land is important to our project so we can deliver the metaverse VIP Club for live events that NFT VIP Club Pass holders can access

Hire/Partner with Cardano Dev For NFT Projects
The Team will be building all the smart contracts required to make all this possible

Start Website Build
This will enable NFT minting so that you will be able to purchase your NFT VIP Club Pass

New Metaverse Partnerships Agreed 
Partnerships are important to our project so that we can create our clothing brand in the metaverse and build out our club that will hold live events that our NFT Club Pass holders can access

Launch NFT VIP Club Pass
We look to launch our NFT Pass on the 28th of february 2022 with the NFT Pass costing 249 ADA each

Q2 2022

Clothing samples agreed and created
It is so important that every detail is made to the highest quality, so we are taking a hands-on approach each step of the way

Clothing authentication app Completed
This means that all our luxury sustainable clothing can now be authenticated on the blockchain, so you know that it is not a Counterfeit 

Start Website Secondary Marketplace Build
We are setting out to be one of the leading NFT secondary marketplaces on Cardano and will focused on the front-end system so that it is really user friendly so you can focus on trading NFT’s

Launch Series One NFTs 
This NFT series will be a limited edition run of 10,000 editions, each with different traits. CHEEKYVERSE NFT VIP PASS HOLDERS WILL GET 24 Hours Early access to the drop. We will release further details about the NTF's nearer to the launch date.

Q3 2022

Design Metaverse Buildings
We are working with a team to design a VIP Club for live events and much more exciting buildings for the community to explore

Launch Website Secondary Marketplace Build
You will now be able to trade your NFT’s on our secondary market 

Launch Proof of Style clothing & Metaverse NFT clothing
CHEEKYVERSE NFT VIP PASS HOLDERS will have 24 hours early access to purchase items, and these will be very limited and rare

Q4 2022

Launch Metaverse VIP club
You will now be able to access our VIP Club in the Metaverse for live events

Big $100,000 BTC Airdrop to one lucky ticket holder

To Be Completed when Metaverse Games Are Live in Q4 2022 and all tickets are sold.

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